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Vehicle Lifts

ALEM member companies design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain a wide range of vehicle lifts. Offering lifting capacities up to 40 tonnes, these lifts have been developed to provide safe and accurate raising and lowering of all types of vehicles including cars, lorries, trailers, coaches and buses.

In addition to their use in garages and workshops, vehicle lifts are frequently relied upon as double deck car lifts to provide additional, hidden, underground car parking where space is at a premium, particularly in city areas. For these duties, the design of the lifts incorporates a robust scissor lifting mechanism beneath the lower platform area and a canopy platform which also supports the weight of the vehicle. Increasingly, vehicle lifts are also being specified for use in applications where there is a need to transfer vehicles between differing levels within commercial buildings or ferry ships. In all applications and environments, safe and accurate positioning of the lifts is controlled by an operator using simple push buttons. Vehicle lifts supplied and installed by ALEM members are supported by comprehensive maintenance and servicing programmes to ensure long and reliable working lives.

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