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Tail Lifts

Throughout Europe, many logistics operations rely on fleets of lorries fitted with tail lifts to provide safe and effortless loading and unloading.

In the UK, up to 20% of commercial road vehicles are equipped with tail lifts. This ensures complete flexibility including the ability to offload cargo in High Street locations. Tail lifts are also used extensively to assist ambulant patients or wheelchair-bound passengers in gaining access to mini buses, coaches, ambulances and trains. The lift itself may be mounted either within the vehicle or externally. Also, depending on its application or the vehicle, the lift may be attached either to the body of the vehicle or to its chassis. Importantly, despite the term 'tail lift', the equipment can equally well be attached to the side of the host vehicle. As an association, ALEM has been extremely active in developing safety standards for tail lifts and has taken a leading role in the preparation of the European Standards relating to commercial vehicles and passenger lifts. Accordingly, ALEM member companies have the experience and technical expertise to advise on the most appropriate equipment for any vehicle, application and environment.

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