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Scissor Lifts

ALEM member companies design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain proven ranges of scissor lift tables for use in a multitude of demanding applications.

Using a robust scissor mechanism to provide strength and stability over variable lift heights, scissor lift tables have a level platform that can also be fitted with a conveyor, turntable, tilt mechanism and many other options to meet individual applications. They can be fixed or mobile and can raise and lower from a few kilos to 100 tonnes or more between different levels in numerous industries and environments. Typical installations include the support of packing and production lines to maintain loads at an optimum working height whilst removing or adding layers of products. Scissor lifts are also frequently used to transfer goods and/or operators between floors or varying floor levels. Within loading bays, they are relied upon to simplify the safe loading and unloading of vehicles, aircraft and rail wagons. When used as versatile vehicle lifts, they facilitate parking in domestic or commercial premises and, as maintenance lifts, they provide controllable access for engineers when carrying out repairs or exchanging components within buildings or beneath machinery. Sizes range from a small mobile scissor lift to one that is used in an aircraft carrier!

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