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Goods Lifts

ALEM members design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain goods lifts to carry goods, and often operators, between different floor levels.

The versatility of these lifts makes them ideal for installation and use in numerous different environments and applications. Typically, goods lifts feature load carrying platforms that provide large surface areas to safely transport loads, usually between two storeys or differing floor levels particularly mezzanine floors within production or warehousing locations. In such applications, goods lifts offering capacities between 500 and 1500kg are controlled by simple push buttons to raise and lower such loads as pallets, tote boxes, crates, roll cages, sack barrows and trolleys. The use of scissor mechanisms operating below the platform eliminates the need for overhead mechanisms so minimal headroom is needed and only lift enclosures and gate/door interlocking is required to meet safety legislation. ALEM member companies provide full design, manufacturing and installation of proven ranges supported by comprehensive maintenance programmes to enable users to achieve full compliance with European regulations.

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