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Dock Levellers

Dock levellers are found at the heart of the majority of today's vehicle loading and unloading operations.

Companies of all sizes rely on dock levellers to ensure the safe, smooth and reliable transfer of goods into and out of warehouses and distribution centres. There is a wide range of proven dock levellers manufactured and supplied by ALEM member companies to meet the requirements of different applications. Typical challenges that need to be addressed include varying vehicle deck heights, axle loadings of handling equipment such as fork lift trucks, loading yard inclines and the increasing use of specialist road vehicles including double deck trailers. To meet these and many other challenges, ALEM members have worked tirelessly to develop and manufacture proven ranges of dock levellers that meet or exceed all European safety and quality regulations. ALEM members also pay great attention to ensure a long and reliable working life from their dock levellers with the incorporation of such features as low-pressure hydraulic systems, high-strength construction and self-cleaning lip hinges. These features are backed up by service and maintenance contracts to provide complete customer peace of mind.

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