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Products and Services

ALEM members manufacture and supply a wide range of products used for materials handling applications with the object of reducing the need for manual handling, which can have serious health and safety issues.

Members are also able to offer various after sales and other services to give customers the complete package to suit their needs.

By clicking on the images below you will see a brief summary of the products and applications, and the members which supply them.


  • Dock Levellers

    Dock Levellers
    Dock levellers are found at the heart of the majority of today's vehicle loading and unloading operations.

  • Doors

    The safe and easy passage of goods, equipment and personnel into, out of and within buildings is essential to the smooth running of every organisation.

  • Goods Lifts

    Goods Lifts
    ALEM members design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain goods lifts to carry goods, and often operators, between different floor levels.

  • Pallet Lifters

    Pallet Lifters
    The range of pallet lifts designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and maintained by ALEM members are mainly used in production, packing and end-of-line applications.

  • Platform Lifts for Disabled Access

    Platform Lifts for Disabled Access
    Enclosed platform lifts are often used in public buildings and private homes to provide safe movement for wheelchair users or people with mobility problems. ALEM members supply and install a range of platforms lifts that meet current accessibility legislation.

  • Ramps

    Within many of today's fast-paced warehousing and logistics operations, the humble ramp continues to prove itself as a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment.

  • Scissor Lifts

    Scissor Lifts
    ALEM member companies design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain proven ranges of scissor lift tables for use in a multitude of demanding applications.

  • Shelters, Seals & Canopies

    Shelters, Seals & Canopies
    Dock shelters, seals and canopies are highly versatile and, frequently, essential components of a modern and efficient loading bay.

  • Tail Lifts

    Tail Lifts
    Throughout Europe, many logistics operations rely on fleets of lorries fitted with tail lifts to provide safe and effortless loading and unloading.

  • Vehicle Lifts

    Vehicle Lifts
    ALEM member companies design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain a wide range of vehicle lifts. Offering lifting capacities up to 40 tonnes, these lifts have been developed to provide safe and accurate raising and lowering of all types of vehicles including cars, lorries, trailers, coaches and buses.

  • Vehicle Restraints

    Vehicle Restraints
    ALEM members offer a range of proven vehicle restraint systems to help ensure the safe loading and unloading of vehicles within numerous loading bays throughout the UK.

  • Other component parts (accessories)

    Other component parts (accessories)
    The range of complementary accessories available from ALEM members is designed to enhance the highest levels of performance, reliability and safety during loading and unloading operations within modern vehicle loading bays.