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Shelters, Seals & Canopies

Dock shelters, seals and canopies are highly versatile and, frequently, essential components of a modern and efficient loading bay.

These products provide a range of benefits from effective weather protection to a virtually airtight seal between vehicles and buildings. Consequently, they play a significant role in maintaining comfortable working conditions and a proven barrier against insects and airborne pollutants. ALEM member companies have invested heavily to produce the latest generation of highly efficient products. Today, warehousing and logistics companies may select from proven ranges of dock curtains and aprons, fixed dock shelters, flexible or collapsible shelters, inflatable or combination shelters, static, folding and telescopic canopies, inflatable dock seals plus any number of bespoke variants. Drawing on unparalleled experience, ALEM members are highly skilled at designing the most appropriate solution for any particular application based on the types of road vehicles to be accommodated, the goods being handled and the loading bay layout. Also, of course, special consideration is given to chilled or cold store environments where temperature control is crucial. All dock shelters, seals and canopies supplied and installed by ALEM members conform to the latest European safety standards and offer short payback periods on initial investments

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