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Other component parts (accessories)

The range of complementary accessories available from ALEM members is designed to enhance the highest levels of performance, reliability and safety during loading and unloading operations within modern vehicle loading bays.

High-visibility traffic lights are commonplace and are relied upon as a universally understood method of communication. With increasing numbers of foreign lorry drivers arriving at UK sites, traffic lights overcome any language problems by clearly indicating when it is safe for vehicles to enter and exit loading areas. Dock bumpers are extremely effective in preventing impact damage to buildings by vehicles during reversing manoeuvres. Available in a range of styles and materials, dock bumpers are also used to ensure the correct positioning of vehicles relative to the loading dock. Visibility within unlit trailers and containers can often be a problem during loading and unloading operations. The use of modern dock lights enables operators to handle loads confidently and minimise damage to goods. Vehicle creep, roll-away and drive-away can be a potentially serious risk to all personnel within a busy loading bay. However, over many years, wheel chocks have proved themselves to be a cost effective and reliable method to improve safety. ALEM members also offer a variety of wheel guides and alignment curbs to ensure the accurate positioning of vehicles against a loading dock. This results in safer lorry and load movement, faster work cycles and increased productivity. Frequently undervalued yet often essential are trailer safety supports. These are used to reliably support the fifth wheel plate of trailers when the cab unit is removed in order to prevent tipping. All these proven accessories, and many more, are available from ALEM member companies.

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